Ayooh - a sustainable business for customers and users

Ordering food online App hasn’t been a new event in this world, but a dynamic menu integrated system is an intellectual idea which we have developed in our App, to serve a stock like food sector, the seafood. Studying fish and seafood market over years, as seafood lover then as business entrepreneurs, enable us to figure out the special recommendation of seafood market that any other Ordering food App have missed. The main feature of changing price in real time, dynamically meets the needs of seafood restaurants owners to control over their business as fast as the growth of technological face of serving food online.
Changing menu as well as price is no longer an issue that needs time by using our App. Business owner can assign admin to update menu whenever he needs to instantly applies to all users. Our new business model that focuses on seafood only market, gathering specialized seafood restaurants that Alexandria is famous about, makes the differentiation advantage we are solely and exclusively can beat among all Apps in the market. the food industry has unique challenges when it comes to taking the business online. With the right technology, operational issues can be a thing of the past. To seamlessly integrate existing restaurant operations with online ordering, there is some features we took in our consideration.